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I’m a huge dork. Almost every day, I get excited about where our world is headed, especially when it involves Social Media. 

So what happens if you take an innovative Social Media initiative and combine it with the greatest annual spectacle in sports? Well, my dorkiness evolves into a whole new level.

With Super Bowl XLVI on the horizon, word about the host city’s technological welcome mat continues to gain steam. Indianapolis will greet its visitors with the Super Bowl’s first-ever Social Media command center. Publicity for the groundbreaking hub can be found here, here and here.

But we had some questions of our own, and we were able to take them to one of the command center’s main figures. Ryan Smith’s the head of Social Media at Raidious, the digital marketing agency which is managing the communications hub. Smith carved out some time to chat with us before things really ramp up in Indy.

CLICK the link below to hear how Smith and the command center plan to monitor countless mentions, why last year’s Super Bowl debacle led to this year’s Social Media listening and which honor Patriots QB Tom Brady may have already locked up.

143 days. That’s more than 20 weeks and almost five months. My last day on-air during my past life was Aug. 28, 2011 and to be honest, I sort of miss talking on camera. 

My friend Pete Thamel told me back in our Syracuse days that I should stick with writing, but I never thought I was very good at it. And even though I never felt I was all that great in front of a camera either, I’ve always been more comfortable as a talker. I’ll still write some blogs in this space, but I’d rather talk most things out. So starting with this post, we’re going to try something that mixes my former life with my current life.

Introducing our new video blog — “Spiracle Buzz.” Each episode will feature a “guest” and topics will mostly hit on what’s buzzing in Social Media. We’ll talk to athletes, brand managers, developers, members of the media, all with the goal of trying to give unique insight into how they’re using Social Media.

We’ll tinker with the format as we learn by recording more episodes, but for now, we’ll strive to get you in and out quickly. We’ll keep it at five questions and hopefully no more than 10 minutes. It’ll be part interview, part conversation and sometimes part argument.

First up: We’re keeping it local. Brad Panovich is the chief weather wizard at WCNC, the NBC affiliate here in Charlotte, NC. Brad could also be the area’s biggest Google+ fan. So what does he make of Google’s somewhat controversial “Search, Plus Your World” release?

CLICK BELOW to check out his thoughts in episode 1 of “Spiracle Buzz”: