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  1. Three years ago, a Sports Illustrated cover story helped reveal a cruel truth about our sports stars — many of them can’t handle being rich. It’s one of the more ironic things about a culture that idolizes athletes: some of those that make the most, waste the most. 
    When “Broke” began Tuesday night, the tweets started streaming in from guys tuning in:
  2. KingJames
    Everyone in sports, doesn’t matter if u play or not. Associated with it in some form or another should be watching ESPN #30for30 “BROKE”
  3. DeAngeloRB
    Broke: on espn right now everyone should tune in
  4. John_Wall
    Lol yes I’m watchin broke on ESPN !!
  5. After their first day of training camp, what we’re the Cleveland Cavaliers watching?
  6. Casspi18
    Our cold tube is pretty full lol
  7. Many current athletes seemed to already get the pitfalls of an athlete’s paycheck:
  8. Qui22Rodgers
    Watching 30 for 30 Broke! Good Life Lesson For Athletes.
    Watching #BROKE. It’s like a road map of what not to do with your money!! Crazy stuff
  10. ajgreen_18
    Watching broke!!! 500,000 on ur friend!!! Smh!!!
  11. GrahamRahal
    Watching this @espn 30 for 30. #Broke. I have to say I’m so thankful for the guidance of my old man @BobRahal n Uncle. This keeps u in check
  12. 3JMcCollum
    Can’t wait to get my smart car. Never going #broke
  13. Former athletes also chimed in with first-hand knowledge:
  14. damienwoody
    Unfortunately family can be an athletes worst enemy #Broke
  15. damienwoody
    My biological father came out of nowhere the day I was drafted!! #Broke
  16. Follow24Hodge
    Can’t lie it’s TOUGH telling a loved one “no” but hell I had to do it! Dont feel good and sometimes there is tears but that’s life. #broke
  17. FredTaylorMade
    @ESPN 30 for 30, all my young professional athletes should watch this over and over and over. #BROKE
  18. criscarter80
    Make money is easy, keeping it is hard… #broke
  19. At least one athlete didn’t really need a doc to learn a lesson:
  20. MikeVick
    Just watched 30 for 30 on Espn……..Be smart with your $
  21. But for Delonte West, lessons already learned don’t seem to mean much: 
  22. CharleeRedz13
    Hell naw I ain’t gon be on no E60…homie I’m 10yrs in…counted a mill in all 2dollars bills before I turned 21…I den been broke got back
  23. CharleeRedz13
    Got broke again…got back again….and so the world continues to turn…..hey u can’t take it wit cha…
  24. CharleeRedz13
    U think ima die and let another-joker spend all the money I saved..u must be crazy ..oh imma save some …spend more..u do d same shit.!
  25. A handful of Carolina Panthers tweeted during the doc, including Charles Johnson, who signed a $76 million contract last year.
  26. randywattson
    Sometime people act like they your parents or like they know u. Better listen to the show. Don’t tell me nothing if u don’t know nothing.
  27. randywattson
    How would u know how to control being a millionaire if u never been one? Walk that walk don’t talk that talk
  28. randywattson
    I love eating steak and lobster too and I don’t plan on going back #richforever
  29. But Byron Bell, who’s in the middle of 3-year, $1.4 million deal, is a bit more…….thrifty.
  30. TheRealByronB
    Who needs smart water when the water out the sink does the same thing #justsaying
  31. TheRealByronB
    Why buy a Big Mac when u can get a mic double and put Mac sauce saving a whole .89 cent
  32. TheRealByronB
    Oh yes u still catch me in the Tree yeah dollar tree #True #Nolie
  33. The doc’s director, who was also tweeting during the debut, provided some sad numbers:
  34. BillyCorben
    New York Jets’ Antonio Cromartie is reportedly expecting twins in November. That’ll be 12 children with 8 women in 6 states. #BROKE
  35. BillyCorben
    Evander Holyfield’s 109-room Atlanta mansion was sold in foreclosure in March 2012 for $7.5M. He owed $14M on it. #BROKE
  36. BillyCorben
    Antoine Walker earned $110M in 13-year NBA career; he filed for bankruptcy in Miami in 2010 with assets of $4.3M & debts of $12.7M. #BROKE
  37. And just before the credits rolled, there was a lengthy list:
  38. espn
    Every athlete on this list has filed for bankruptcy -> #Broke
  39. Afterward, some of the film’s “stars” shared their thoughts:
  40. billvoth
    @KeithMcCants did you just watch #broke? if so, what did you think?
  41. KeithMcCants
    @billvoth i did know its not the most positive picture of me but its a true picture of struggles of a pro athlete looking to raise awareness
  42. BernieKosarQB
    I really hope this starts helping Young players!!the Jr Seau pressure &situation shows the extreme&Kids(young Players)need to hear
  43. sleepy30
    Listen to all my fans who watched the 30/30 I’m NOT “Broke” The show was intended to show how u can become Broke with excessive spending!!!!
  44. Ultimately, “Broke” seemed like a good eye-opener for many — at least for a night.
  45. roddywhiteTV
    Sick to my stomach after watching that 30 for 30 broke but it was educating while telling good stories
  46. DwyaneWade
    I hope all athletes and inspiring athletes watched the 30 for 30 #Broke…don’t just say it can’t happen to you. Do something about it.
  47. 1987Marty
    As athletes we make ourselves easy targets by not educating ourselves in different areas of life. If your gonna educate yourself find
  48. 1987Marty
    Someone who is educated and learn from them. Take a class. Learn about the business before getting in to it.
  49. 1987Marty
    We have a game plan for Sundays. Need to start developing game plans for life.