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Google plus hasn’t quite caught on like many people expected when it launched in 2011, but the social media platform can be a vital asset to new and existing businesses. It contains features that some of the more well-established platforms don’t contain. Here are just a few ways how this social media site can help build your business’s brand and take it to the next level.

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Ability to build communities- Google+ allows you to essentially build your own communities by creating groups. You can fill these groups with people and other businesses that share the same core values as your brand. Participating in existing communities is also a great away to enhance brand awareness and get feedback from clients or customers.

“Three weeks ago, I wouldn’t have said Google Plus was an easy place to meet people,” says Linda Sherman, International Speaker and Marketing Professional, “but now it’s amazingly different. You can even join the community as a brand, which you cannot do on Facebook, and you can interact with your potential customers, influencers, and people of interest.”

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Events– While Google+ has the same approach as Facebook when it comes to creating event pages, Google+ has a leg up because its directly linked with Gmail and Google Calendar. People can easily add these events into their calendars and invite others to do the same. Events are always an important strategy to incorporate when trying to help build your business’s brand. It allows people to humanize a brand, meet the people behind it and enjoy some perks of attending a free get together.



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Analytical Insights- Recently the social media platform has incorporated insights that allow you to track your views, the number of times you’re viewed in local searches and how much engagement you’re receiving. These are all incredibly vital statistics that are the key to developing a social media marketing plan. Social media marketing firms, like Spiracle Media here in Charlotte, track these numbers while servicing clients in order to determine whether their strategies are working.

Google Places- This feature gives businesses the ability to provide information like hours, contacts, photos, reviews and pinpoint their exact location on Google Maps. Potential customers can get easy access to driving directions and even how to avoid traffic on the way.

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Today’s media continues to bombard its viewers and listeners with constant ads, promotions, and new information. Understanding that all this information tends to get a tad overwhelming, there has been a shift towards providing brief quality content.

Vine only allows its users six  seconds to provide something entertaining or tell a story. This may seem impossible but you’d be surprised what people can fit into this small window.

Another social media site, Instagram, followed quickly in their shoes by adding video option allowing you to be your own media outlet in 15 seconds or less. Companies have utilized this option in order to provide fresh information and keep viewers enticed for the full advertisement. “With Instagram video we’re going see a boom in short, artsy video clips,” said Jen Stocksmith, creative director for Tribal Worldwide. “Brands will use it to show a more human side and give fans a glimpse of behind-the-scenes action.”  A perfect example is Lululemon who’s already using the option to put out creative videos like this one in order to build brand awareness.

Facebook is also following the trend in a slightly different way. They will be providing 15 second ads in your newsfeed this coming fall. So why is 15 seconds or less so popular? According to this recent poll, 54% of Americans believe 15 seconds is the appropriate length for an ad. When the poll asked viewers what they though of 45 second ads, the acceptability dropped to 4%. Be your own media outlet in 15 seconds or less with Vine or Instagram When it comes to providing information to a large audience, more isn’t always better. This trend of short video production has really taken off providing advertisers a chance to get creative and attract new customers. “The short form is extremely valuable, because we want to consume quickly … Brand Vines are shared four times more than other online videos, and five Vines are shared every second on Twitter,” says Heather Taylor, a vice-president at Ogilvy. At the end of the day we’ve figured out that shorter doesn’t mean a lesser quality. Keep this in mind when you use these social media sites to be your own media outlet. As this trend continues to be adopted by these sites and integrated into new marketing strategies, we have to ask ourselves, is shorter always better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.