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Marketing is a critical component of companies large and small. It gets even more critical when it comes to smaller businesses that depend on consistent growth and the identification of new clients for day-to-day survival. If these two areas are struggling, the ever present stress that’s involved with leading a business cranks up a notch.

At Spiracle Media, we have circled back to our own marketing efforts on several occasions. What’s the right plan of attack? Where do we focus our efforts? Is a concerted effort and resources necessary?

These answers tend to be quite complex when 99% of our time is spent engaged with client projects and the referrals are consistent. We haven’t come up with a plan of attack that has stuck, but one variable has remained constant. That variable is relationships.

In the content driven world where we reside, knowing our clients and presenting their stories is important. This knowledge starts with having or forging some sort of relationship. Success depends on it. The end product depends on it.

This has led us to change our approach to marketing for the time being. It has become more about initiating a personal connection that allows business to naturally happen. I am not a believer in the hard sale. I never have been. Despite my confidence in our work, it’s still uncomfortable and business shouldn’t feel forced. This doesn’t mean missing a chance to present to a room full of potential clients. That’s a must. It means valuing the relationship and conversation more than getting a “yes” before leaving.

Business is still based on genuine relationships and trust. Focus on the relationship first. Make plenty of trips to the coffee house to meet in person. Combine those two with a solid product or service and the business will follow naturally.