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At Spiracle Media, creativity is a part of everything we do. It lives in the way we shoot cover video and interviews. It touches the editing process as we discover the best way to tell a story that connects with the intended viewer. In many ways, this type of creativity has become routine and consistent – something that our clients have come to expect.

On the contrary, the “creative” video is a completely different animal. It may seem as if everyone is on board during a brainstorm meeting – but often the client is scared out of the idea by succumbing to the fear of being different or untraditional.

We recently worked on a project where different was the goal. It was fun to be part of the creative process as conservative clients are the norm and tend not to push the bounds of being different. We worked hand in hand with Orbital Socket, a creative agency here in Charlotte. They came up with the concept and then it was up to us to bring the pieces to fruition. The campaign centered around producing three videos.

I’ve learned a few things over the last handful of years when it comes to clients and creative video.

* Identify a clear vision from the beginning and make sure everyone is on board. There is always a risk when it comes to being different.

* Apply a deepened creative vision when it makes sense. Only a small percentage of projects warrant this direction. Traditional is often best in attaining the desired result.

* Pay attention to the details. Details will be amplified when you are looking to pull off something that’s untraditional. Make sure that everyone is aware and focused.

* Don’t rush the process. These types of videos take more planning, scripting and extra time on both the front and back end. Extend the process if there are any lingering concerns.

As with everything, taking a risk has its perils as well and rewards. Creative video is no different. It has to make sense. Is the client on board? Is this the right client for this type of video? Is the best team in place to execute? Would a traditional video work best and achieve the specified goals?

If you can answers all of these questions with clarity, then you should have your direction. Creative videos are great – but they have a time, a place and a risk.