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Invent and innovate. These two words are closely related, but distinctly different. They are often misused and confused for one another. If you are an inventor, that’s just cool. Hopefully one or more of your inventions are shaping or transforming a particular industry as we speak. However, I want to concentrate on the word innovate since it’s applicable to every business and employee. It holds the key to activating and sustaining organic growth.

This point was recently driven home as I scanned the pages of “The Game-Changer” by the chairman and CEO of Proctor and Gamble, A.G. Lafley. Lafley talks about how innovation at P&G revived a company that was losing market share and loyalty across its many brands. It caused me to think about making a more concerted effort at Spiracle Media in this department. What I was pleasantly surprised to find out was that innovation was already in motion when it comes to the video production side of things.

We are constantly looking for new ways to tell a story whether that means tweaking the way we shoot BRoll or interviews, insert graphical elements or just prepare. Being on the cutting edge when it comes to utilizing new tools and methods is innovation. We are taking an existing process that we know well and adding to it. It’s not about making drastic changes, but rather tweaking the small things that breed improvement and fine-tune your deliverable. This is the only means of staying ahead in a competitive business environment. As long as your in front, the exploration of small change and implementation can be fun. On the flip side, complacency leads to falling behind and it takes a lot of work to catch back up.

Innovation doesn’t just apply to video at Spiracle, but to everything we do. It can mean scheduling optimal times to brainstorm, becoming more efficient at managing clients or getting better in our thinking and research. Anything that makes the process or product better and more efficient is innovative. We all have the power to tweak the way we engage our work and the products we seek to deliver. Innovation need to be at the core of our thinking.