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Growth is a positive thing. It naturally alters the conversation to include such things as hiring additional employees, tweaking benefits and funding those mid to long-term goals that are directly connected to improved quality and more efficient work flow. It also comes with its challenges, but nothing you can’t handle as long as you’re aware they exist.

Since you’re adding people and resources, that most likely means that the quantity of work and the size of the companies you’re working with have both increased. Spiracle Media has experienced an increase in both of those areas. Those realities have coincided with a consistent effort to improve quality. That’s certainly a nice position to be in, but you need to remember how you got there. The same rules apply.

Treat All Clients the Same
It might start becoming easier than ever to shun clients that don’t meet the newly established threshold of cost. The natural thought is to spend more time on the clients that make the largest investment. That’s the wrong way to look at it. Each client presents an opportunity to take your product to the next level. Get creative and exercise full effort no matter the size of the client.

We’re all busy, but that doesn’t give us an excuse not to respond in a prompt fashion. Exception: you are sipping margaritas on a beach with your wife on your only week off of the year. I remember fondly my transition from television to the business world. My first thought was “wow” things move at a snail’s pace and people tend to take forever in getting back to you. It’s something that I take seriously and I hope our employees do as well. It’s basic respect to return an email or phone call and it goes a long way with your clients.

Don’t Get Complacent
This is another area where it’s easy to relax and ride the wave. As a small business, you don’t have the luxury of hanging out. That’s doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the wave, but you need to be in a constant state of innovating. Innovate when it comes to your products, services and the processes involved. If your entrepreneur to-do-list is getting shorter, that’s a red flag.

Play Conservative
When revenues increase, your first impulse is to buy the ranch. This mindset doesn’t mean that you are immune from taking chances.  Just play it smart. You are now in a position to add some things that make your business better and your clients happier. The $30,000 camera looks awesome and does some amazing things, but is it a practical choice. Don’t spend just to spend. Buy things that align with the goals of the company.

Enjoy the Small Wins
If there is one thing you do, enjoy the small wins as much as the big ones. You need to make time to be thankful for the opportunities that have been laid before you. There is no doubt that hard work and relationships have played a big role in the progression of your business and every client matters.