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What makes you different? That seems to be the million dollar question when running a business. It’s the very phrase that Tim Baier and myself have revisited more than any other. The mention of those words makes my brain scramble and my face to feel warm. I’m actually starting to feel warm looking back at that last line.

So what makes you different? For the longest time, we figured the answer would lie somewhere between journalistic experience, quality and staying on top of the rapid advance of technology. We were warm. Those are all ingredients that lead to short-term success, but we were missing the fundamental element to why we exist. Relationships.

I guess we undervalued the power of relationships because it seemed cliche. It also comes natural to us. We have always valued people.

Any video company that offers premium service should have relevant experience, deliver great quality and utilize the most up to date technology. The one thing they’re often missing is that they don’t always treat their partners right. They churn out content like a newsroom with little regard for the relationship.

After six years, we have been able to hone in on what matters most. It’s the relationships and the recurring projects that we get to work on with people we consider friends. We talk about family, life and push the creative envelop together. After all, relationships are what life’s all about. At Spiracle, we exist to provide our partners with an enjoyable, simple and collaborative experience. The icing on the cake is the purposeful video that comes as a result.

What makes you different?