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We’ve all been advised at one point or another to follow our passion and pursue something we truly love. It makes life more enjoyable and leads to fruitful returns. For a successful company, that’s certainly true of its employees. It’s critical that they share in that passion and find value in their individual roles. The same thing holds true from a company perspective when it comes to choosing the right partners.

In the beginning, every project is viewed as an equal opportunity to make money and survive. While money is central to business, the idea of where your revenue comes from must change over time. This takes some getting used to since our first reaction is to gravitate toward business and not away from it. Here are a few basics to consider:

Do they align with what you believe in?

In our case, we want partners that align with the Spiracle vision. Do they share a passion for the process and hold the belief that all video should be purposeful? We aim to keep the process simple and let the story play out organically. Buy-in for us in these areas is important.

Do they believe in relationships?

No matter what arena you work in, relationships are the lifeblood that leads to productive results. We view our partners as much more than just the project. Our goal is to develop a connection that leads to total collaboration. Anything less is unacceptable.

Are they fun to work with?

This sounds simple, but matters more than you think. Team morale is fragile. A single grueling project with a partner that doesn’t see eye to eye can really sting. Selecting partners that you enjoy working with is what it’s all about. You pick your circle of friends, right? This is no different.

These are just a few variables to consider and I hope you’re at a stage in your business where the choice is available not to move forward on a project. That option is freeing and needs to be an integral part of your strategy.

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