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What was once a popular “how-to” article, has turned into a go-to topic for video content. Whether you’re marketing a complex software or a product, an explainer video is a powerful way to introduce and tell the story of the product you’re selling. 

An engaging, informative and fun video is a great way to grab the attention of those who might not have been interested before. Video is reaching audiences unlike any other form of content. In Aberdeen’s research report, they state “marketers who are using video are seeing 49% faster growth in revenue.” 

Big blocks of text are less effective as video is becoming increasingly more popular. More and more customers are leaning to video to learn how to use a product or service. We are sharing some tips and tricks to help you brainstorm the perfect explainer video for your business needs. 

The Different Types of Explainer Videos

– A simple FAQ to answer your customers’ questions, solve their problems and address their pain points. 

“How to” video. A breakdown on how to use your product or service. Here is an example of an animated walkthrough of how to use PandaDoc

Testimonials. Recruit your loyal fanbase. Ask your clients/customers to speak on your behalf of your product. Here is a great example from A combination of customers speaking on the ease of use and problem solving.

Demo Video. Demo the product or service, whether you’ll be live-streaming or through a previously shot video production. Show your audience how it’s used, the benefits, etc. 

-And if you can, make it funny! Who doesn’t love a little sarcastic humor to keep them entertained? Here is an funny explainer video example from Dollar Shave Club

Keep it short, engaging and informative

A short, engaging video can hook a customer instantly. Grab the attention within seconds. Make the thumbnail of the video appealing for someone to click the play button and watch the full video. 

The secret is in the name, explain(er) your product or service

Your audience is watching this video to have their questions answered, so don’t forget to answer them. A good example of solving a problem, here with TripCase Travel App. Make it an engaging and informative video. Answer your customers questions before they even have to ask them. 

Gather inspiration from brands that are doing it right.

We’ve all seen those explainer videos that have gone viral. Gather inspiration from companies that are doing it right, but don’t forget to put your own twist on it. Originality is the key to set yourself apart. 

Key Takeaways

– Keep it short and simple

– Solve the customers problem & answer their questions

– Show the product or service in action

– Make it visually appealing, it’s a video after all

– Show your brands personality

– Be informative!

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