Author: Tim Baier

What an honor for our team to spend some time with more than 100 PR professionals from around the Charlotte region on Wednesday.  We wanted to stress the importance of video in telling their clients stories and let them know they can do it on their own at times, or can partner with a company like Spiracle Media to deliver results.  We relish these opportunities to meet other storytellers in the community and share our passion for video.  Some key takeaways courtesy of Twitter:

And while we are at it, we put together a quick recap of our visit with PRSA Charlotte on Wednesday.

If you have any questions about the presentation, or would like to talk to a video content company about how you can use video effectively, please contact us!

platinum statuetteHere at Spiracle Media we don’t usually like to toot our own horn, but this week we received an honor that caught our attention and we thought was worth sharing.  Our team picked up 4 AVA Digital Awards for videos we created with our partners in 2015.  The quality of the video storytelling our team has been doing over the past 5 years has continued to improve and now to be recognized for it allows our team to see the hard work has paid off.

So what are the AVA Digital Awards?  Well here is how the AMPA describes it on their website:

“AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design and production of digital communication. Work ranges from digital engagement campaigns – to audio and video production – to website development – to social media interaction – to mobile marketing.”

While there are 4 award-winning videos, we thought we would share two of them with you on this post:

“Working at EverFi” – Platinum Award Winner for Company Culture Video Category


“Overcoming Adversity” – Gold Award Winner for Nonprofit Video Category (YMCA of Greater Charlotte)


Thank you to all our partners that continue to work with us and if you know of anyone out there looking for a video team to step in, please have them contact us.  Hopefully next year we can share this honor with one of you!

Davidson College welcomed home their favorite son on Thursday and Spiracle Media was there to capture the fun. He started the day with a workout, followed by a tour of the new team facility, including making the first ever shot on the new practice court, then a student forum answering questions and finishing up with a little Chicken Curry at The Commons.

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Making the transition from a life in the media to business owners was a little tricky at times. When working in television you always finished the day with a package grandin-road-artisan-package-with-bow-large-d-20121017210630467~6980923w that you could put a bow on before going home for the night. A lot of times in business you don’t get to put that bow on for weeks, if not months. While there were some growing pains in those first few months of business, we quickly realized one tenant remained in tact from our days of television, it is all about relationships.

With that in mind, early on as a company we decided to search out partners, not clients. We want companies, universities and organizations that see value in what we offer and give both sides a chance to build a relationship that makes the outcome that much stronger. Yes, the term partner evokes images of a warm, cozy working relationship and at the end of the day, that’s what we are striving for in every project we consider.

A great example of a partner relationship that has been beneficial to both sides has been our work with the YMCA of Greater Charlotte. The marketing team at the Y has such a great handle on sharing messages about the important work they do in the community, it has been a pleasure to work with them.  After spending nearly two years working on multiple video projects with their team, we feel very confident when they put a new project on the table. As Molly Thompson puts it, “it’s almost like walking down the hallway to a co-worker that already knows everything you need done and they do it well.”

Knowing that we have partners like this makes the mission of Spiracle Media that much clearer.  The definition is a person who shares or is associated with another in some action or endeavor, the YMCA and a number of our other ‘partners’ fall right in line with that.

If you are looking for a long-term relationship with a digital media provider, please take some time to contact us and let us know how we may be able to help, or let’s just get coffee.

Spiracle Media, a social media and video production agency, is searching for two summer interns. The successful applicants will help us shape the digital footprint of professional athletes and small and medium-sized businesses.

One intern will work in our social media department, while the other will be placed in our video production wing.

If interested, you must be able to answer “yes” to the following questions:

Are you up to speed on the latest social media trends? Do you know how each social network can benefit every kind of business? Are you creative enough to come up with strategies that are different, compelling and mind-blowing? That’s the type of intern we’re looking for in social media.

For video: Do you have a good shooting eye? Do you have experience editing on Final Cut Pro X or a similar NLE system? Do you believe that video’s the most powerful form of digital communication these days?

In order to qualify for this internship, you must receive school credit. If chosen, you will earn a small stipend to help offset some of the costs associated with working at Spiracle Media.

Your experience will include outings to sporting events, possible travel and three partner dinners. You are expected to work 20 hours per week over a 12-week internship.

Please fill out our intern questionnaire and a representative from Spiracle Media will contact you. Thank you for your interest.