Five questions to ask when you’re looking for a video partner

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Video content is often very popular and a key staple within many successful marketing plans. With that in mind, there are plenty of choices when it comes to selecting your video partner or vendor.

Here are five key questions to ask when making that decision:

Who will we be working with?

This question is essential when you’re seeking out a partner for any service-related need. The overall experience is a significant part of the engagement. On the video side, you should be working with a dedicated producer who is responsible for communication and keeping the project on track. Meeting members of the creative team upfront is also a bonus. This provides an immediate feel for how things might go.

What do we need to do to make this a successful video?

A good video production company will be able to commuicate both what they’re accountable for as well as what you’re accountable for upfront. The goals of the project should be clearly established and communicated so that everyone is on the same page. If you’re new to video or the process, ask as many questions as you can early on to minimize any barrier that might stop you from trusting the team you hired.

Back to accountibility on the buyer side, it’s imperative that aggregate feedback is submitted according to the timeline so that the project stays on track.

Who are you currently working with?

This applies to all service providers as well, not just video. It’s great to have an overall understanding of who the potential video partner has worked with in the past. Additionally, what types of videos have they produced for similar clients? It’s not usually a dealbreaker if the service provider hasn’t worked in your industry, but if that’s the case, it would be great to see comparable video examples that match the direction you’re looking to go.

If you’re feeling good but still on the fence, seek out references.

What’s your process? 

This can be a differentiator in the video storytelling and content space. Many agencies struggle with having an internal process that puts the client at ease and ensures that things run smoothly. Ask to see the process, and again, be inquisitive about how things work. You want to make sure that the process is structured in a way that takes you where you want to go. Plus, you probably want to make sure you’ll have fun and enjoy the process, too.

The process should present a clear road map of team responsibilities, key stages and communication.

When can we expect our videos?

If this question is met with uncertainty or a lack of confidence, that’s a red flag. Everything should be in place so that you feel confident about receiving your content on the agreed upon deadline. Seeing a detailed timeline that clearly lays out milestones is key to this part of the process. Without that, things are left too much up to chance and personal discretion.

In conclusion, you should put as much effort into finding the right video partner as you do finding other service providers for your organization. Finding the right fit can propel your content to the next level.


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