Five Ways to Adjust Your Marketing for the Remainder of 2020

With the drastic changes to the business environment over the past couple of months, it’s time to adjust your marketing plan as well (if you haven’t already done so). In this article, we’re focusing on sharing engaging and compelling content marketing ideas to push forward for the remainder of the year.

Virtual Events

It seems likely that large, in-person events won’t be happening this year. Focus on coming up with new ways to connect, educate your audience and grow your network through virtual events and meetings. In a recent survey conducted by our marketing team, we found that a majority of the respondents have been consuming virtual events more than any other content.

At Spiracle Media, we have produced a number of virtual events to help educate our audience and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our team has found a groove and as a company, these events have been effective. The great thing about virtual events is that they don’t take a whole army to pull off – they can make them as simple or complex as you want.

Educational Content

The list is long when it comes to how you can educate your customers and clients. Webinars, virtual events, blog posts, video, podcasts and white papers are all in play! If you haven’t begun doing at least one of those, I highly suggest you begin mapping out some educational content for your audience to consume.

Focus on Social Media

You should already have a social media presence and now it’s time to put more of a focus on growing your following. Share video, beautiful imagery, graphics, insightful articles and quotes. Don’t forget to utilize your stories on Instagram. Your audience loves seeing the unfiltered and unedited side. Interact with your followers, use hashtags, search the hashtags and engage with new people.

Share behind the scenes or personalized content. Show your personality! Remember – it’s not only about selling your product or service. Most people want to hear your story and connect with a company on a deeper level. Share your story, be more relatable to your audience and continue to build your community.

Interactive Content

Think about considering customer engagement. Interactive content is fun and engaging! Add surveys and polls into your marketing mix. Input a questionnaire into your weekly newsletter. Implement polls within your virtual events.

What are your clients or customers thinking about? What type of content do they find helpful? Find out directly by using this tactic. There are a slew of questions I am sure you want answered – ask your clients!

Personalized Messaging

Do you get personalized messaging or discounts from stores when it’s your birthday? Does it make you feel special? It’s nice receiving an email that has a personal feel to it. You can do this with your customers and clients through email.

Personalized content helps to build a better connection. It gains the attention of your customer and in turn builds upon the existing relationship. Personalize those emails – consider using personalized video to stand out! Be specific with your audience and add a personal touch to your content.

Think outside of the box – have you thought of sending personalized direct mail? Direct mail is surprisingly effective in today’s digital world!  

COVID-19 has changed the work environment for everyone and you need to adjust your marketing accordingly. These content marketing strategies will help keep you on top of what’s to come for the remainder of the year.


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