Four things to include in your employee engagement video

Creating a thoughtful re-engagement video for your employees may seem like a daunting task. Where do you begin? How do you fit enough information into a short, concise piece? 

To help alleviate those concerns, there are a few points that you should evaluate before jumping in. The basics are mapped out below. Remember, you don’t need to make it complicated. You need to communicate enough to arouse excitement and make them feel re-energized about the work that they do for you every day. 

Here are four things to remember. 

Why do you exist?

The answer to this question should resonate loud and clear. Why was your business created? Besides money, there should be another reason. This explanation gets right to the heart of your organization’s purpose and helps your employees align their purpose with yours. Maybe you wanted to improve the lives of other business owners or help children learn through democratizing technology. Whatever the case, make sure the “why” is stated with clarity and conviction. 

What do you do?

This is another essential part of the story. This is an opportunity to highlight your frontline workers and the essential role they play in delivering your services. Don’t get in the weeds. This aspect is best delivered from a 30,000 foot perspective.

How do you do it?

This is where you can get more thorough with sharing information and proof of performance. It’s time to shed more light on the importance of your team members and the individual roles they play in your success.  This is especially important within a service oriented organization. What kind of experience have clients and consumers had? What’s the process like? 

Showcase your people

People want to be part of a company where they are respected. Take this opportunity to show that the individuals at your organization are valued. If your culture is the leading driver of your organization, it’s definitely worth it’s own video. It’s not only helpful in recruiting efforts, but can also raise morale.  

Your brand story is one of the most important pieces of content that you can create. How you present it needs to be done with great care and focus. Culture is a big part of that. Some would argue that culture and brand are one and the same. What your organization stands for and offers needs to be articulated clearly and confidently. Take the time to think through the message and sentiment that you want your team to walk away with.

Considering a series of brand videos to re-engage your employees? Our Welcome Back to Better package may be a good fit for you. 


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