Jarod Latch – Co-Founder and Director of Creative Content

Jarod Latch has worked in broadcasting, media and digital for almost 20 years. In 2011, he took a chance and went all-in as a co-founder of Spiracle Media. Since its inception, Jarod has been pivotal in managing partnerships and driving creative growth.

“We are always looking for ways to innovate and the addition of Aerial Buzz is a another step in taking our production capabilities and offerings to a new level. I’m excited about the potential that this presents for our current and future partners.”

He is a firm believer that you should pursue personal aspirations, but maintains that some of the best opportunities find you. Jarod never envisioned a career in broadcasting or as a business owner, but is thrilled to get to pursue both, and enjoys the relationships that come with each opportunity.

“The combination of a high-end product, genuine relationships and great service is what sets Spiracle Media and Aerial Buzz apart from other companies in the space. ”

Jarod graduated from Walsh University in North Canton, OH, with a degree in Corporate Communication and participated in the Washington Center for Internships as a Senior, working at both the White House and Capitol.

Jarod is a native of Johnstown, PA, and currently resides in Harrisburg, NC, with his wife Jacie and son Judson. He’s still active in sports broadcasting as the voice of the Davidson Men’s basketball radio network and enjoys reading, playing guitar and working out. He is semi-retired from golf and softball, but is considering a comeback in both sports.