How Your Video Agency Can Support Remote Communications In a Work-From-Home Environment

At a time when businesses are struggling to get out messaging to their customers and employees, video is shining bright. And quality is more important than ever. The last thing your team needs to see is an iPhone video shot in minimal lighting with poor audio. If you’re an employee, that’s not the comforting sight and show of strength you’re looking for from a leader.

That’s why your video partner or agency still needs to play a pivotal role in your messaging and communications strategy. That role might look different in the current environment, but lean on their expertise. Here are a few reasons why you should be engaging with your video agency in this work-from-home environment.

Deliver Messaging

 As a business or individual, the worst thing you can do at this moment is remain silent. We have seen a number of organizations tweaking their messaging to fit the current pandemic. Some are reassuring their customers while others are supporting the calls of leadership to stay at home and be safe.

Your video partner can help evaluate the best way to craft and deliver that message. In some cases, they can offer a high-quality shooting environment while still practicing proper social distancing recommendations. For example, the team at Spiracle Media recently captured a message for a major healthcare provider on site.

Leverage Their Resources

Your video team has resources that you don’t. Not only in terms of people, but also when it comes to the ability to edit and repurpose content. We are often asked to capture extra sound bites and B-roll for use at a later time. That sounds great until our partners get back to their busy schedule. Most of that content dies on the cutting room floor (or in reality is archived.) 

Now is the time to recycle old content to promote new messages. Dive into the footage that can still provide value to your audience. People are spending more time than ever on their computers. This is a great opportunity to share original content!

Tap into Recent Innovation

Just as this pandemic has spread, so has innovation. Video agencies are working to provide support in a number of different areas as they adjust to the new reality of producing content. It’s time to have a conversation that focuses on what challenges you’re facing and what solutions are available. 

There are ways to integrate video conferencing, live streaming and podcasting into your new strategy. Our teams are facilitating a podcast with a corporate CEO and a guest with all parties being remote. They are also raising the quality of video shot in home environments. Check out these tips shared by our Chief Creative Officer. 

Setup and direction is best left to a team that’s currently working through or has achieved some of these solutions.  It’s important that everything looks and sounds professional.

Partner Up

If there was ever a time to come together and ideate, this is it. Bring together the braintrust of your organization with that of your video partner and let the ideas fly. There will be some great opportunities that come out of those discussions on both sides. 

This approach will strengthen the long-term health of the relationship. The best part is that some of today’s solutions will likely stick around for inclusion in the content arsenal of the future. 

This is a tough time for everyone. But the worst thing you can do is sit back and be passive in your marketing approach. Reach out to your video partner today – just to brainstorm, if nothing else. There are a number of video agencies and vendors out there that are standing by to support in any way they can. Creatives have tremendous skill, value and knowledge to bring to the table. Leverage those resources in this turbulent time!

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