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The Hive Life Podcast
In this episode, Sarah and Carson sit down with Meredith Connelly, a local artist whose work can be seen at the Whitewater center as well as the Rail Trail in South End!
Rand is a local photographer who has shot in several locations around the world. She talks about her passion for her craft while sharing some of her favorite shoots!
On this episode, we welcome a friend of our drone team and FPV expert, JP Williams. JP learned about aviation and aerospace science in college and has spent years working in the field.
In this episode, the QCC team is joined by Spiracle’s Associate Producer, Morgan Paterwich, to talk about the recent podcast studio renovation.
Racing, video storytelling, lighthouses, dad jokes, and media management. Is there anything Elgin isn’t passionate about?
In this episode, we have two guests join the QCC! Zach and Carson sit this episode out so Sarah can chat with Spiracle’s Executive Producer, Kayla Rossi, as well as Mackenzie Austin, a Junior at UNCC.

The Hive Life podcast focuses on some of our experiences from the last 20 years while connecting you with subject matter experts within the field of marketing. Informative, candid and fun is our preferred style.

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