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The Hive Life Podcast
Most creatives thrive off of their interactions with each other and more often than not, those interactions are what help us gain inspiration for what we’re working on. So what happens when all of that is temporarily taken away? What happens to one’s confidence and passion when they can no longer collaborate in person with fellow creatives?
Everyone at Spiracle has their own unique approach to creating video content – from gaining inspiration from YouTubers, films, books and even from within. The beauty is when those creative minds and pieces of inspiration coalesce into something great.
On this inaugural episode, Zach Johnson, Sarah Kunze and Carson Fletcher – three Creative Video Specialists – begin their podcast journey. The trio discusses why the idea came about, what they hope it will accomplish, and its role within the continuing story of Spiracle Media. Sit back and relax as they take you inside their creative world.
How do you choose your podcasts? What niche do you find yourself in? Why do you listen to podcasts? Zach, Sarah and Carson discuss all the noise that’s out there, when and why each of them listen to podcasts, as well the various formats and intentions that are put to use.

The Hive Life podcast focuses on some of our experiences from the last 20 years while connecting you with subject matter experts within the field of marketing. Informative, candid and fun is our preferred style.

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