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The Hive Life Podcast
Zach, Sarah and Carson welcome Spiracle’s Senior Creative Video Specialist, Austin Huddy as they discuss Austin’s passion for what he does and how he came into his current position.
How do you maintain a new or consistent routine when it comes to podcasting? Zach, Sarah and Carson take a moment to reflect on the process of creating a podcast with the added pressure and concern of every day workload increase coming into Phase 2 of re-opening. They also give a wonderful introduction to a new mini-series produced by Spiracle Media called, “Six Feet Apart.”
What does it take to be a Drone Pilot? How do you get over the nerves of putting thousands of dollars of equipment hundreds of feet in the air? Zach, Sarah and Carson welcome fellow Spiracle Media Creative Specialist & Certified Drone Pilot, Thomas Wilson as they all discuss Thomas’ path, passion and dedication to everything drone!
It is time to keep the positive vibes rolling and with Zach and Carson having been on a shoot last week and more to come next week we are so pumped! We can really start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and things are starting to look up after this tough stretch.
Most creatives thrive off of their interactions with each other and more often than not, those interactions are what help us gain inspiration for what we’re working on. So what happens when all of that is temporarily taken away? What happens to one’s confidence and passion when they can no longer collaborate in person with fellow creatives?
Everyone at Spiracle has their own unique approach to creating video content – from gaining inspiration from YouTubers, films, books and even from within. The beauty is when those creative minds and pieces of inspiration coalesce into something great.
On this inaugural episode, Zach Johnson, Sarah Kunze and Carson Fletcher – three Creative Video Specialists – begin their podcast journey. The trio discusses why the idea came about, what they hope it will accomplish, and its role within the continuing story of Spiracle Media. Sit back and relax as they take you inside their creative world.
How do you choose your podcasts? What niche do you find yourself in? Why do you listen to podcasts? Zach, Sarah and Carson discuss all the noise that’s out there, when and why each of them listen to podcasts, as well the various formats and intentions that are put to use.
Read Charlotte Podcast
In this episode of the Hive Life, Spiracle Media Co-founder Jarod Latch talks to Elise Esasky about her background as a journalist, work from home life, the importance of video storytelling and the great work she is leading at Read Charlotte.
Partners Jarod Latch, Tim Baier & David Kernodle sat down to discuss Spiracle’s overall approach for operations, communication, safety, marketing and innovation. They also shared a few much needed laughs while discussing the work from home environment and how coloring might be a necessary part of the day.
Content in the Finance World
Greg joins us on episode 13 of The Hive Life to talk about creating content in the finance world. We then dive deeper into discussion about what Barings is doing in the storytelling space as well as how podcasting has become a valuable tool in the finance world.
The Hive Life takes an introspective look into Episode 110 of Influencing Entrepreneurs. In this episode, owners of Spiracle Media and Cassmer Ward discuss the challenges of leaving a career in sports media to start their own firm.
In this episode, the hosts (Jarod Latch and Tim Baier) and Cassmer Ward discuss Clean Juice’s (Landon & Kat Eckles) meteoric rise into franchise success and how these entrepreneurs built an enterprise based on commercial real-estate experience and their faith.
In this episode, the hosts (Jarod Latch and Tim Baier) and Cassmer Ward discuss Feetures footwear(The Gaither Family) and how a season professional salesperson (Hugh) in the hosiery industry found a way to build a brand and presence in the running specialty market.

The Hive Life podcast focuses on some of our experiences from the last 20 years while connecting you with subject matter experts within the field of marketing. Informative, candid and fun is our preferred style.

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