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2020 was a difficult year for everyone. In this episode, you’ll hear from everyone at Spiracle Media about the challenges that we faced in a year that was anything but normal.
In this episode, Carson and Sarah sat down with Khaleel and Maleek Loyd of Loyd Visuals. These two brothers, along with third brother Najm, have joined forces with the mission to “make positive changes in the community by telling stories…”
Jeff Wanner is gifted at bringing people together. He talks about the motivation behind that and how welcoming a daughter has changed the game. He also elaborates on his entrepreneurial journey as the founder of PairPEO and why you might see him at a bowling alley near you.
Writer Hope Rivers shares her journey into copywriting. Hope realized at a formative age that there is great power in writing. In this episode, she also touches on best practices and scripting for video.
One of the founding members of Spiracle Media, Bill Voth, joins the Hive Life for an entertaining take on his current role with the Carolina Panthers and the early days of Spiracle.
In this episode, Sarah and Carson sit down with Meredith Connelly, a local artist whose work can be seen at the Whitewater center as well as the Rail Trail in South End!
Chrissy Reed is leading the charge when it comes to employee relationships at Hylaine. Chrissy shares what type of employee engagement works well and how to stay connected in today’s interesting work environment.
Blair Primis is a notable name in Charlotte marketing circles and for good reason. He has transformed Orthocarolina’s presence in the local community over the last 12 years.
Cities across the country have been some of the hardest hit areas of this ongoing pandemic. Adam Rhew of Charlotte Center City Partners joins us to talk about the state of the city and its prospects for a quick recovery.
Cassmer Ward has started multiple companies in different spaces, walking away with invaluable experience. As a key member of the Spiracle Media team, he serves in the role of CFO. In 2020, he authored his first book titled, How Much Does it Cost to make a Donut? He discusses the process and impetus behind the book plus much more.
Rand is a local photographer who has shot in several locations around the world. She talks about her passion for her craft while sharing some of her favorite shoots!
On this episode, we welcome a friend of our drone team and FPV expert, JP Williams. JP learned about aviation and aerospace science in college and has spent years working in the field.
In this episode, the QCC team is joined by Spiracle’s Associate Producer, Morgan Paterwich, to talk about the recent podcast studio renovation.
Brad Panovich is one of the most trusted and celebrated meteorologists in the Charlotte market. He has build a strong following across social media by using a personal touch that’s matched by few in his profession.

The Hive Life podcast focuses on some of our experiences from the last 20 years while connecting you with subject matter experts within the fields of marketing, entrepreneurship and business. Informative, candid and fun is our preferred style.

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