OMB: Born and Brewed

Olde Mecklenburg Brewery is known for being a pioneer on the Charlotte beer scene. They were the first to arrive in what is now a crowded and growing space. Authentic ingredients and good beer capture who they are. They like to say they make "Beer Flavored Beer."

The other facet of their business that is front and center is their unwavering commitment to Charlotte and the surrounding area. Spiracle Media and OMB teamed up to showcase that critical element of their mission.

The featured video of the Charlotte "Born and Brewed" campaign was a major undertaking, taking several months to complete because of the various locations on the wishlist. Throughout the front end of the video, you'll notice that a number of the beers are connected to their corresponding landmarks. Aerial video was also an essential part of telling the story. 

The post production process was more in depth than usual and was full of several stop and start moments to ensure that the story was on point in terms of messaging and brand. In the spirit of authenticity, OMB Founder John Marino provided the narration. Some of the finishing touches included sound effects to enhance this fast moving and comprehensive look at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery's place within the Charlotte community.

behind the shot

(:06) Founder John Marino provided the Narration.
(:20) BB&T Ballpark was one of 15+ Locations featured.
(1:10) No Beers were wasted during the creation of this video.

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