Queens University: Gretchen’s Story

We have worked with Queens University to create compelling, impactful storytelling pieces for their university over the last several years. Working hand in hand with the marketing and communications team, we have produced video content for events, fundraising initiatives, and marketing campaigns.

Each year, we deliver a feature for the annual Royal Society event. This event celebrates the donors who contribute to providing hundreds of students with the opportunity to attend Queens University. The Spiracle team really enjoys producing content for this celebration.

When our team initially heard Gretchen’s story, we were immediately moved to dive deeper into who she is. Gretchen is an inspiring individual who not only left an impact on the students and faculty at Queens but also on us as video storytellers.

The Idea

Our creative team, led by David Kernodle, pitched a style and tone that was intended to drive emotion. The goal was to capture the struggle Gretchen goes through in everyday life and how that struggle has paved her way to future success.

The Execution

During pre-production, our team interviewed Gretchen and really got to know her journey in great detail. This set us up for success in the production process. Often people forget how important the steps are before the project begins. After speaking with Gretchen, we knew where to start on the creative path.

Watch the video above and listen to the emotional behind-the-scenes discussion with Chief Creative Officer David Kernodle and Spiracle Co-founder Jarod Latch below.

behind the shot

(:05) Intro that sets up the struggle that Gretchen faces daily.
(2:10) Powerful sequence where Gretchen shares how she sees the world.
(2:48) Only one other voice was used to support the story.

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