Purpose of Shot Selection in Professional Videos

Let’s begin by explaining what B-roll is for those who don’t know. B-roll is supplemental or secondary video footage that accompanies the primary footage. It helps support and enhance the story being told. A group of comedians created a short video showing examples of b-roll, check it out here.

The shot selection or purpose behind each shot taken for a professional video is really important. The way shots are set up, the angles and the lens used create the feel of the entire video. In the beginning stages of planning a video, a crucial step is mapping out the location for interviews and b-roll.

For example, there are many ways you can frame your subject or subjects. Here is a list of the basic types of shots.

Types of Framing Shots:

  • Extreme Wide/Long Shot
  • Wide Shot
  • Medium Shot
  • Close Up Shot
  • Establishing Shot
  • Cutaway

Creative Video Specialist, Carson Fletcher, goes into detail on the importance of shot selection. Watch below!

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