Spiracle Media Launches QC Creatives Podcast

Spiracle Media already has a podcast. So why something else? That answer is quite simple. The current Hive Life podcast touches on production and creative, but mostly looks at the business of video and entrepreneurship.

The QCC (Queen City Creatives) podcast will solely focus on taking you inside the production team. The behind-the-scenes story of the interworking of our team and creative process.

How do you produce powerful content that stands out in such a competitive space? Why are healthy team relationships so essential? Where does creative inspiration come from? 

Zach Johnson, Sarah Kunze and Carson Fletcher — all creative video specialists at Spiracle — tackle these questions and more as they take you inside the Spiracle Media production team. 

Visit the podcast page of our website for our complete library.


Spiracle Media is a video content agency built to tell stories. Since 2011, we have been telling stories that support the voice of our partners by using our journalistic background.

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