The Best Platforms to Distribute Your Videos

You’ve created great video content – but you’re not sure where to publish it? In this article we dive into where to distribute and what type of content is best for each platform. 

Distribution is a vital part of the video process. Why? Because distribution is how you get eyeballs on your investment. It’s a must to have a distribution strategy in place at the very beginning of the planning process. 

Before taking the leap into creating video content or any content for that matter, take into consideration the buyer’s journey. What is your end goal? Is it brand awareness or are you trying to sell a product? These questions all factor into where you distribute your content. Whether it be on social media, through paid advertisement, or a video for your homepage. 

So, where is the best place to distribute your videos? We have you covered! Here is our list of the best places to post your videos. 

Your Website

This may sound a bit obvious, but surprisingly not everyone posts their videos on their website. Think about your audience’s journey on your website before posting a video on just any page. 

Depending on the type of video, think about what area of your website is the best location. Company or brand overview? Homepage or about us would be a great fit. FAQ and explainer pieces? What we do section makes the most sense. 


Your blog is the perfect resource where you can post and explain your video content. Any video topic can go on your blog, with thoughtful explanation. 

Your blog is a great place to house videos because you can then reshare these posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, or in an email marketing campaign. An added bonus of publishing videos on your blog = SEO! Google loves videos. Here is an article explaining a bit more about Google + Video = <3


If you’re a B2B company, LinkedIn is your go to platform for marketing. Posting videos on here can increase your brand awareness, especially when it’s done right. 

Every social channel is different and the video content you’re posting should mimic the viewers on that platform. When it comes to LinkedIn, most people are logging on to learn something new, read an informational article, connect with other professionals, and so on. 

This is not the platform to sell your products, leave that for other platforms. The LinkedIn audience is geared more toward learning how a product or service works and getting to know your brand. Therefore, LinkedIn is a great place to share explainer and FAQ videos while getting to know the people behind the company. 


Over half a billion people watch videos on Facebook everyday, according to this article from Forbes! That is a ton of eyeballs on video content … every single day! This is an obvious place to post your video content. Upload your videos organically, then boost them to reach even more people. With the amount of people logging onto Facebook daily, it’s a no brainer to use this platform. 


Instagram is best for short form videos that are engaging, fun and visually appealing. Since Instagram is a scrolling app, the quicker you can grab someone’s attention the better. Within a few seconds even. Make a good first impression or you won’t gain followers and you definitely won’t gain engagement. 


In a way, Twitter is similar to Instagram, where you need to attract your audience quickly. Keep these videos short.  Gifs are great option! 

If you’re posting a longer form video, use subtitles on Twitter and all social channels. When scrolling through these apps, the only way you can hear the sound is when you click on the video. Therefore, subtitles are crucial. 

Email Newsletter

Email is one of the better owned media distribution channels to utilize. Newsletters give the opportunity to distribute the most personalized content to specific audiences. 

Do you have an announcement or maybe a giveaway? Why not use a video for the reveal versus plain text. Include informational videos like the ones you post on your blog. Set yourself apart from all the other emails flooding inboxes by using video.

YouTube & Vimeo

YouTube is the second largest social media platform and if you use it right your following can grow tremendously. YouTube has become more of a community, especially with the younger generation. 

If you’re looking to this platform to be apart of a community with your audience, then your content will look a little different. Lean more toward personable, authentic, and educational content that could perhaps start a conversation. 

Vimeo is a bit different from YouTube. It is one of the largest, most popular video hosting platforms but its focus is on creativity and high end productions. 

To conclude, create a distribution strategy on the front end of your creative brainstorm session. Yes, posting video on your website is the most important – but that’s not the only area where you can gain traction. Your audience is most likely not visiting your website every day, so share your content everywhere you can, from blog posts, to social, to email. 

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