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Recently, Spiracle Media teamed with the CIAA to revisit the first black college football game. It was a neat step back in time as our team collected interviews and worked to recreate visuals to support the story. The video (above) was used as the centerpiece to promote this year’s celebration of 125 years while a number of other spots were developed for social media (below).

The inaugural game took place in Salisbury, NC between Johnson C. Smith (Biddle) and Livingstone.

We’ve all been advised at one point or another to follow our passion and pursue something we truly love. It makes life more enjoyable and leads to fruitful returns. For a successful company, that’s certainly true of its employees. It’s critical that they share in that passion and find value in their individual roles. The same thing holds true from a company perspective when it comes to choosing the right partners.

In the beginning, every project is viewed as an equal opportunity to make money and survive. While money is central to business, the idea of where your revenue comes from must change over time. This takes some getting used to since our first reaction is to gravitate toward business and not away from it. Here are a few basics to consider:

Do they align with what you believe in?

In our case, we want partners that align with the Spiracle vision. Do they share a passion for the process and hold the belief that all video should be purposeful? We aim to keep the process simple and let the story play out organically. Buy-in for us in these areas is important.

Do they believe in relationships?

No matter what arena you work in, relationships are the lifeblood that leads to productive results. We view our partners as much more than just the project. Our goal is to develop a connection that leads to total collaboration. Anything less is unacceptable.

Are they fun to work with?

This sounds simple, but matters more than you think. Team morale is fragile. A single grueling project with a partner that doesn’t see eye to eye can really sting. Selecting partners that you enjoy working with is what it’s all about. You pick your circle of friends, right? This is no different.

These are just a few variables to consider and I hope you’re at a stage in your business where the choice is available not to move forward on a project. That option is freeing and needs to be an integral part of your strategy.

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What makes you different? That seems to be the million dollar question when running a business. It’s the very phrase that Tim Baier and myself have revisited more than any other. The mention of those words makes my brain scramble and my face to feel warm. I’m actually starting to feel warm looking back at that last line.

So what makes you different? For the longest time, we figured the answer would lie somewhere between journalistic experience, quality and staying on top of the rapid advance of technology. We were warm. Those are all ingredients that lead to short-term success, but we were missing the fundamental element to why we exist. Relationships.

I guess we undervalued the power of relationships because it seemed cliche. It also comes natural to us. We have always valued people.

Any video company that offers premium service should have relevant experience, deliver great quality and utilize the most up to date technology. The one thing they’re often missing is that they don’t always treat their partners right. They churn out content like a newsroom with little regard for the relationship.

After six years, we have been able to hone in on what matters most. It’s the relationships and the recurring projects that we get to work on with people we consider friends. We talk about family, life and push the creative envelop together. After all, relationships are what life’s all about. At Spiracle, we exist to provide our partners with an enjoyable, simple and collaborative experience. The icing on the cake is the purposeful video that comes as a result.

What makes you different?

Co-Founders Jarod Latch and Tim Baier sit down together for a conversation about the first 6 years of the business.

Spiracle Media partnered with Trinity Episcopal School in Charlotte to create three videos for their annual fundraising event. One of the pieces captured the emotional story of Fredricka as she elaborated on the opportunities that her three sons have been given thanks to the generosity of others.

Spiracle Media is excited to welcome the newest member of our team. AJ Chodora spent the last 13 years in television news, most recently as the Chief Photographer at Time Warner Cable News in Charlotte.

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Every video calls for a slightly different game plan. This was the case in Las Vegas for CES and our client EverFi. The Spiracle team talks through the challenges of a quick turn and the importance of interview depth in this behind-the-scenes chat.

Watch more of our videos on Vimeo.

The craft brewery scene in Charlotte thrives with pioneers like Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. Spiracle Media partnered with OMB to tell the story of the people behind the beer. The two day shoot set out to capture the authenticity of the process and take a deeper dive into one of the areas that make OMB special, their people.

Without any budget allocated to sponsoring the posts, the campaign garnered more than 3000 views and 500 likes over the holiday season. Below you will find an example of the social media videos we created for OMB as part of this campaign.

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Cardinal Financial recently launched a rebrand of its website and logo. As part of the launch, Spiracle Media stepped in to create a video that shared the message behind that effort. With a limited window to shoot and edit, the Spiracle team quickly worked hand-in-hand with Cardinal’s team and vision to produce a spot in advance of the launch date.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Cardinal Financial is a nationwide direct mortgage lender that provides modernized home financing solutions.

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Spiracle Media turned five years old this past March. I have no idea where the time has gone or this year for that matter! Plenty has changed since 2011 — changes that have positively impacted the product as well promoted growth from a business and personal perspective. Here are four observations from the first five.

It’s all about the TEAM

You have heard the old adage that in order to be successful, you need to surround yourself with good people. People that are more talented than you. It’s absolutely true. Spiracle is finally at a place creatively where delegating is rather painless. There are no mental strings attached. Our creative team has the talent, experience and knowledge to run with a project. I get to stand in the distance (or sit) and look forward to the result!

All efforts must PAY IT FORWARD

You must be able to work toward where you want to be rather than where you currently are. A simple marketing principle. However, adhering to it takes some discipline. This course of action includes consistent innovation, thinking and execution that are tied to strategic goals. In the beginning, we moved forward with one goal in mind, survive. Our plan of attack now includes goals that feed expansion, growth, sustainability and increased revenue.

A good PARTNER(S) is invaluable

Managing a business is hard. No one quite gets it unless you have tried on or wear entrepreneur shoes yourself. It’s deemed ‘entrepreneur island’ for a reason. I have been fortunate and blessed to have a business partner and friend like Tim Baier. We have known each other for almost a decade and have been in the trenches together since the beginning. We keep each other accountable in more ways than you can imagine and our vision of success is broadcast over the same frequency.

Building something is COOL

That’s all I have to say about that.

In closing, somebody ask me recently whether or not the anxiety of running of business ever lets up. I told them the anxiety diminishes quite a bit, but things get more complicated. Figure that one out. Maybe I’m just getting used to it. One thing I know with certainty is that working with colleagues I consider friends makes complicated all worth it. Here’s to the next five years!