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Differentiators are a big part of the choices we make when it comes to a number of things. What type of restaurants do we enjoy dining at? Why do we invest in certain brands or products? What gadget should we buy next? With each decision, we run through a routine when choosing the path forward. The same exists in the business world when you’re looking for a partner or service. Why should I choose you over other companies with comparable offerings? The answer to this question is imperative to the short and long-term success of any small business. With Spiracle Media, it’s a point of emphasis as we look to separate ourselves in a crowded space full of video content creators.

Fortunately, we’ve been spending a lot of time pitching for new business. This includes a discussion centered around who we are and what we offer. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at a few of the key points we speak to in those meetings.

We’ve built a business set on a foundation of seasoned journalists. As Spiracle Media evolved, we began to see with greater clarity the importance of focusing on what you’re good at. We’re good at telling stories. Not because we’re lucky, but because we’ve done it our entire careers. Our experience breeds an expertise that allows us to diagnose the best way of capturing the necessary assets and asking the right questions. Each segment of a shoot is done with assembly of the finished product in mind.

Relationships are another critical aspect. We don’t take on projects for the sole purpose of the business transaction, but rather because we want to enjoy the journey with our partners. The early days of Spiracle Media were all about relationships when we took the leap in 2011 and that hasn’t changed nearly seven years later. It’s an organic part of our functionality. The beautiful thing is that out of a solid relationship comes value for all. Value that’s found in the results and in the process. It should be fun and enjoyable!

The final part of the equation is quality. Quality still matters. Don’t be fooled. We look at this variable as a given within our offering and the least of our differentiators. This doesn’t mean that we neglect it. It’s quite the opposite. We continually look for ways to innovate whether it be tools, style or presentation. It’s last because a lot of companies shoot beautiful video and so do we. The big question extends beyond this reality. What else makes a video partner different?

In our case, we’re always entertaining new ways to improve our partner offerings. We’re always learning. That’s what the maturation process of a business demands. One thing that we hang our collective hat on is making sure that everything starts with experience and relationships and that it ends with what we hope is a beautiful, tangible product. We work to ensure that the sentiment of our mission lives within every engagement: To provide our partners with an enjoyable, simple and collaborative experience that leads to purposeful video storytelling.

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