Using Digital Content to Support Thought Leadership

Do you have valuable information and insight to share? I like to think that most of us do. The key is finding the right audience with which to share practical content. Content that once consumed impact daily life to some degree for the better.

With that being said, here are a few things to think about when it comes to what types of content you can be producing to support your position as a thought leader.

Relevant Content

Leave it up to the co-founder of a video content agency to mention this right out of the box. It makes total sense. People love to consume video that leaves them with relevant information.

Given our current remote work environment, the production team at Spiracle Media wanted to provide a tutorial of sorts that shows off how to better shoot video in your home. Chief Creative Officer David Kernodle takes you into his environment as part of this tips video.

Bite-Sized Segments

Let’s stick with the video theme since that’s the preferred way that most people enjoy receiving information. Recently, we spent a half day shooting a number of segments that hit on a variety of topics. All these videos were under a minute to allow for posting across all social media sites.

Steal from a blog or tackle a hot button topic. Keep it simple. Add some basic graphics if possible to add some flare.

Virtual Learning Events

Hosting or facilitating virtual events are another solid way to connect directly with an audience. You can use Zoom or Google Hangouts to hold a discussion around an in demand topic.

If you’re feeling brave, you can go with a full on live stream production. This gets people in the room for face-to-face interaction and allows others to tune in online. Don’t forget to have a little fun promoting your events.

Blog or Vlog

The written word is still effective. People enjoy lists that point them in a positive direction. This is great for sharing self help thoughts or different strategies around a central topic. Here are the five best ways to maximize your day! Boom. There’s your next topic. Most individuals relish opportunities for incremental growth.

If you want to go the extra step, start a video blog. Chronicling your day or taking people behind the scenes can be beneficial. Vulnerability is a powerful tool when used correctly. People crave connection especially when it comes to others who might be facing the same challenges. They also love to be entertained.

Start a Podcast

Another great way to connect with your audience is with a podcast. Audio has surged back. Sitting back and listening has become a desired position. Consider a podcast that interviews other subject matter experts, rift solo on a topic or get creative and tell stories.

Once you get a few in the can, upload to a podcast hosting site and then share from there. Spiracle Media started producing the Hive Life podcast a few years ago. We recently shared an update on the direction of our company that was geared toward both an internal and external audience. You can listen here.

These are just a few things to consider. There are certainly other ways to go about it, but I have seen the success in what was mentioned above. Once these pieces are complete, share away on multiple platforms. The key to this whole effort is consistency. Make that your number one goal and good things will follow.


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