Why an Outside Video Production Team or Agency Makes Sense

In today’s digital-savvy world, many businesses have made the investment of building an internal video production team. Early in our tenure at Spiracle Media, when we found out that a prospective client already had an internal video team, we were disappointed because that often meant that we wouldn’t have the opportunity to serve them. But, as our company and our industry have evolved, we’ve found that many of our most successful partnerships include collaboration between our team and our partner’s internal production team.

The truth is, our team at Spiracle is an excellent supplement to an internal video production team, and can bring much-needed “reinforcement” as well as additional creative perspective to the table. 

Here are four reasons why an outside video content agency or production team makes sense.

Bring in the Reinforcements

This point is geared toward most mid to large sized companies. If these organizations care about their brand and reaching their consumer, they are producing a ton of video content. This content lives not only in the marketing world, but across multiple divisions of the company.

Human Resources might need some videos to recruit better talent or finance is offering a new tool. Operations is looking to train a few hundred people on its new online portal.

Most of this content has a finite window in which to remain relevant or stay ahead. Producing all this content at the same time is not realistic for most internal teams. An outside video production team is helpful to provide reinforcements and support the existing effort.

Provide a Creative Spark

Most internal teams are stuck in the day-to-day grind of the organization. This can hamper creativity as it’s easy to fall into a groundhog day scenario of producing the same types of pieces over and over again.

You can only go back to the well so many times before you diminish the return on the finished product. This is where a third party perspective is helpful. Just as a consultant supports other areas of the business, a video team can do the same in sparking creativity.

Going this route helps you push through the wall of creativity and think about things in a different light. This approach might be uncomfortable for members of your internal team, but in the end should be a beneficial exercise.

Execute a Different Style

Look to an outside team if you’re considering a different style or need a specialized capability. All individuals and small teams have their strengths and weaknesses. They might be great producing talking head videos or animation, but whiff when it comes to telling a strong story. Maybe they’re not used to big productions and feel uncomfortable.

You might need to send a lean team to across the country to get a high quality story that evokes emotion. Some teams are used to packing the equipment, hopping on a plane and capturing a high quality piece of content. Aerial video and photography is another art form. It’s less about the fact that you have drone and more about who’s operating it. There are professionals available to get the best shot while practicing safety.

Add Resources

Thank you captain obvious. I wanted to end this blog with an obvious point. If you don’t have a video team, you need one. Gone are the days of ignoring video and pretending it will go away.

Video is a total differentiator when it comes to recruitment, social ads, etc. Here’s a caveat, reputable brands must maintain a certain level of quality and professionalism. Without that, you’ll be doggie paddling in a deep pool of content.

One final thing to note. Before you get started with creating videos, outline a strategy and purpose. A seasoned team can help with this as well. Don’t go in blind. Your goal should be to maximise the investment and impact especially if consistent video is a new venture.

Bringing in an outside video agency or team can be a big plus for your organization for the reasons mentioned above. If you have an internal team in place, exchange the idea of it being a threat to your people with that of an opportunity. Great teams and organizations are successful because they’re able to match the right resources with the right project. That’s a winning combination.

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